I guess my birthday list would be the best way of showing you my favourite Spring Summer trends that I choose to follow. So now, I’m aiming to do the same thing with my Winter List. The items below are my 5 Most Wanted for this winter and I’m planning on having them all!

#5 The all-times knit

We all have that ONE knit jumper that’s our life’s saver! You can wear it with almost everything and it actually keeps the cold out. You can shop the knit jumper shown in the picture above here .

#4 The pom poms

Pom Pom Shoes

The pom-pom shoes! So colourful, playful and comfortable! You can shop them here .

#3 The Must-Read

Aimee Song
Yeaaaayyyy! Finally ordered it and can’t wait for it to arrive! This is a book by Aimee Song, a blogger that I really admire and love her style. You can find the book here .

#2 The Dress

Much love for the sheer dress… So bohemian and mysterious looking. I prefer it in black and with a hint of embroidery detail.

 #1 The Bomber

Bomber Jacket
My #1 Must Have! The Floral Bomber. No other comment needed than to tell you I found my dream one from Topshop. This velvet bomber with the embroided florals <3

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