Ok, I’ve posted almost everything from my trip to Italy this summer. And through my photos, I think it seems like a relaxing trip full of breathtaking views! Well, the “breathtaking” thing is true but it sure wasn’t a relaxing trip. If you search +Cinque Terre you’ll see that it’s also a hiking destination. My fiance and I are young and we both jog in the afternoons following a quite difficult route! We thought “sure we can do it! what’s 3km to us??!” Nope!!!!! OMG, it was exhausting and at some points too scary for us because there are mountains and sea and rocks and stairs and sometimes nothing to protect you! And me? I wore nice clothes to take photos! Not shorts, not hiking shoes! Omg and the mosquitos! You should see my legs when I finally arrived at the hotel!

It took us 1h45 but we made it!!!! And it was an exhausting but wonderful and unforgettable experience!!

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