Hello, my darlings!

This post is all about my kind of play time. When I’m bored, I love getting my National Geographic map and play the “Where to next?” game. All I need is my map, sky scanner and my notebook so I can write down countries, towns, dates and prices. And I always sit on the floor!

The night we captured the photos of this post, I was really playing! We weren’t trying to make a post. I was searching for our October destination and we were thinking about Germany. I only have four days off work so we wanted somewhere close to Cyprus for a quick getaway. We were about to book our flights when I saw this course that Aggie Lal is giving online. She is my ultimate travel inspiration and I really look up to her. She goes by the name @travel_inhershoes on Instagram so if you are not already following her, well you should! So we are seriously considering spending our ticket money on that course. The price of it bites a bit but I guess it’s more of an investment than just an online course and hopefully it’ll take our travel blogging to the next level.

Love, Lucy xxx


Wearing: Mango dress, Stradivarius Earrings Nomadic State of Mind sandals, Parfois hairpiece, My Ladida bag, handmade shell anklet* 

* The shell anklet was made by my sister in law. If you want to order yours you can send her a DM on instagram! You can find her on @emily_apostolou27

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