Hello, my darlings!

In this post, I’m sharing one of my favorite outfits so this is one of my fav posts.

As soon as I saw this gorgeous bralette I started thinking of ways to style it and wondering where should I take pictures to make a post. It’s this velvet crop top with lace details. And then? These shoes dropped from heaven straight at Topshop. I absolutely fell in love with them and immediately added them to my list. Yeap. I have a monthly list with the things I want to buy or do. But mostly buy. Anyway! Let me tell you why I think I fell in love whit them straight away. I told you in a previous post {find it here } that my favorite blogger is Sara Escudero. Well, this pair of western-styled boots reminds me so much of Collage Vintage. Plus they look perfect with the bralette I mentioned before.

So for the post, I’ve decided to wear velvet/lace crop top with a pair of mom jeans and add a gray blazer for layering. And of course, I wore the western buckle pointed boots and added a black belt as a last minute decision.  And for a shooting spot, we chose a parking place! I wanted something minimal with no colors, to let the spotlight shine brightly on the outfit.

I hope you like the post!


Wearing: Total outfit from Topshop


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