Hello, my darlings!

Today we are officially welcoming Spring, and we have prepared a new post for you. I have to say that Spring is my favourite season (I am pretty sure I’ve said that before, maybe last year!). This time though, it didn’t come with the best weather conditions. We are having a dust wave coming from Africa and higher temperatures than normal. But I believe that any Spring-day is still better than any other day of the year no matter what!

So, in celebration of Spring’s official arrival, we had a photo shoot at a park in Nicosia. The inspiration came from a lady that has been supporting my blogging since forever. She visited this place and proposed it to me for a photoshoot. And she couldn’t be more right. We loved the park (which btw is the Academia’s Park) and we really enjoyed our morning. We took our photos and stayed there for a relaxing walk. Actually I was hungry but my husband wouldn’t leave! He has a thing with parks and every time we visit one he remembers that he wants to buy a bike!

Anyways, I hope you’ll enjoy my new post!

Love, Lucy xxx


Wearing: Zara dress, Tommy x Gigi espadrilles, Amazon round straw bag, Asos Bridal mini flower garland.

P.S. Have you noticed the baby caterpillar on my bag??? 

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