Hello, my darlings!

This is my first post of 2019 but I guess it’s a bit late to wish you a happy new year! Even though it’s February already, I could not be happier winter is almost over. I have mentioned before that I’m really not a winter person. But this is our worst winter ever! We had the heaviest rainfall, the basement of our apartment flooded, my car was in it and Louis’ car also broke down from hail. This was December! And the year started with almost everyone I know getting sick including us! Wow, this is a depressing paragraph!! There’s one good thing that came out of all this, though. There’s a waterfall in our village and it looks amazing because of all that rain!

Louis and I, love everything that has to do with nature and I think that waterfalls are a thing that’s missing from our blog. Well, we will try to visit as many as we can starting from a little one in my village, Agia Varvara. My parents visited this waterfall more than a week ago, and they have been telling us to go there too, since then. So, today after breakfast we decided to go and maybe shoot some photos, and my parents, my uncle and our dog found the opportunity to revisit.

From the moment we stepped foot there, we could see why they loved that place. We couldn’t stop taking photos! We even saw frogs! And Louis managed to take a photo of them! Even Rosie (the dog), though she didn’t go near the water, was running up and down from joy! Anyway, enough talking and here are some of the photos that we took! Hope you’ll like them!

Love, Lucy xxx


P.S Can you spot the frogs in the last photo? There are two of them!

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