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This post is going to be one of Fashion in Suitcases’ guide posts. Because of the previous posts about Tulum, I am not going to give you advise on where you should stay or where to hang out. You can pretty much guess my suggestions from my stories. Instead, I am going to tell you where to eat. That sounds bossy so let me rephrase it! I am going to tell you where I ate and loved it! So, this is going to be a Tulum Foodie Guide!

Villa Pescadores


Villa Pescadores was one of the places that we were thinking of staying at. Cute little bungalows on a white sandy beach were what we were looking for, which is pretty much all you can see in Tulum. Well, we didn’t stay there in the end but I wanted to go there at least for lunch. And we were really glad that we did! We found the food to be Mexican with an American touch!

The Real Coconut


One of the best restaurants in Tulum. The Real Coconut by Daniella Hunter is the restaurant of Sanara Hotel. The service is unbelievable, the view and atmosphere beautiful and the food absolutely delicious! A must if you are in Tulum. Actually, we liked the place so much, we agreed that when we visit Tulum again, we would stay at Sanara hotel!

Raw Love


Tulum for us was all about vegan food and healthy lifestyle for us. We are not vegetarians but we did enjoy many vegan places. So, one of our vegan places was Raw Low! OMG! I have no words to describe how tasty their smoothie bowls were. Totally a must when in Tulum.




The day we visited Zamas was the day that we had that stormy weather I mentioned before (find the post here!). Even though the weather was awful, this place still looked so summery! It was so colorful and right on the beach! And the food was delicious!



Ok. This place is out of this world. I can not describe it. Atmosphere? The best! Staff? The best! Food? The best! Desert???? If I say it was the best I would be offending it! The most heavenly, delicious, desert I’ve ever had in my entire life! And my husband ended up eating my last piece because it was so delicious! It was chocolate and banana in a coconut bowl with a syrup on top. So simple but I can’t describe amazing its taste was! Eas it the type of chocolate? Was it the syrup? Anyway it was the most delicious desert ever! I could write a whole post only talking about Gitano, haha! Yeap, I’m a foodie!

Matcha Mama


This is a hidden gem in the jungle. Almost nobody knew about it when we asked for directions. Very hippie looking, with all the rustic design and the swings and with a very tasty menu. Like Raw Love, Matcha Mama is full of smoothies and healthy bowls.

Antojitos La Chiapaneca


We ascaped the boho / hippie – chic restaurants and we wandered Tulum town twice during our Mexico trip. Tulum town is the place to go for a more local vibe. More traditional atmoshere and much more affordable prices. We loved Antojitos la Chiapaneca! It was the local vibe we were looking for. And the tacos there were very tasty! So if you are having an afternoon in Tulum town, this is the taqueria you should go to!

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