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I’ve finally booked my tickets to Mexico! Actually, my sister in law booked them for me while I was sitting on her couch panicking! Anyway, because of this, I thought about making a post about my trip planning. Have I told you that I am a planning freak?? I need to know everything about the place I’m visiting before I go and make a whole program for the days I’ll spend there because I want to experience the most of it. So in this post, I’m aiming to share with you some of my planning tips and what to I think before planning a trip.



It always has to be a place from my bucket list! I have so many destinations on it and so many things I want to do that a life isn’t enough! Then, I think of my budget. Last year, because of the wedding, we didn’t want to spend much for a trip. Plus we had in mind that we were going to Mexico eventually and that would cost us. Hence that “mini honeymoon” to Santorini -Find post here.



When deciding the date of going, I’m always considering the weather. For example, I’ve read that Tulum has a hot/wet season from June to November and a cool/dry season between November and May. We are going in the beginning of dry season aka end of hurricane season. Well, you’ll never know for definite that the weather is going to be perfect but you have to go with the odds. I went to Barcelona in the middle of August and it was pouring almost the whole trip! I even took my bathing suit with me! Talking about bad luck!



This depends on what you’re looking for. What kind of traveler are you? From a Hostel backpacker to a Lux Traveller. I for instants, enjoy a bit of luxury. Not too much or too expensive but I like to have that something extra. I love it when the room has bathrobe and slippers! I don’t know why but I’m always excited when I see that they’re included in the amenities.

When we travel to Europe, we have this thing: we love walking. We never took the metro or subway or underground or whatever they call it. I believe that by walking the town, you actually see more. You feel it more. I think that you miss so much by taking the subway. I pick a hotel depending on where do I want to go and book it. Best choices so far were Hotel del Corso in Rome and Duminy Vendome in Paris. Both were located in a beautiful safe neighborhood and we went everywhere by foot. We walked to the Vatican City from Hotel del Corso and to the Eiffel Tower from Duminy Vendome. It was far but we enter little shops on our way or cafes to have a break.

As for Tulum, I’m considering Nomade Tulum or Hotelito Azul. The first one is a gorgeous Moroccan-themed hotel with a very bohemian vibe while the second one is a brand new boutique hotel that I fell in love with its pictures. It really matters to us to have a beautiful white- sandy beach and a few restaurants near by. For any other recommendations, please feel free to email or comment us!


Things to do

How long you are staying on a trip depends on the things you get to do there. For example, if you want to lay on the beach all day long and do nothing else, I wouldn’t recommend more than 3 days. I would get bored! In this case, I surely want a day just sitting at the hotel’s beach and drink Margheritas, but there are so many things you can do and visit there, that a day or two at the beach is enough. Every place you visit has a story, a culture, maybe an old town, or museums. I always think to my self that if I don’t ever come back, have I seen everything I wanted to see? Have I experienced everything I wanted to experience?



Packing is something that also depends on the activities you’re doing. You pack different things if you are going hiking at Cinque Terre and different outfits if you’re going to Mykonos. And because of the blog, I think twice of what I’m taking with me. I want to be comfortable and also look nice in pictures. And if it’s a long trip, I prefer taking with me little dresses, playsuits or jumpsuits that look cute and don’t take much space in my suitcase.


Hope you enjoyed my Travel Planning, and please feel free to email me or comment under the post any Tulum hotel or other recommendation!

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