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My Mexico trip has come to an end and now be ready for many posts about this magical experience. So, I’m sure that if you saw pictures of Tulum, you must have come across to a place called “Azulik”. Azulik was the most amazing place I’ve ever been, and I wanted to stay there since forever. It is actually a super eco-friendly hotel with little treehouses for rooms. No shoes in the room, no TV, no WiFi and no lights. That was the most amazing part of it. No lights. At approximately 5 o’clock in the afternoon, a member of the staff went through all the rooms and lite our candles so we could move around. This made the whole place so romantic. I felt like a fairy in my treehouse. And in the morning, we woke up to the most breathtaking sunrise. Our room had a balcony with a swing on it and a view of the ocean. It couldn’t get any better than this.

Another thing that made this gorgeous place even more special, was the fact that the water to take a bath came from the cenotes. It wasn’t purified. The whole theme and philosophy of this hotel made you feel closer to nature. Everything mother earth had to offer was actually appreciated, was actually being used. I found Azulik being an experience everyone visiting Tulum should have. This hotel should have a number on your bucket list.


Wearing: Surf Gypsy playsuit,  Marysia Swim

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