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I feel super excited because I am finally starting to share posts from our Bali trip! And I will begin this Bali series by sharing with you our experience from our accommodation. During our whole trip, we stayed in two different hotels (wise enough not to make the same mistake we did in Sri Lanka!). Both had everything we needed but we fell absolutely in love with the second one. The Udaya resort and spa. From the moment we stepped foot in it we were treated like royalty!

This is Bali

The staff at The Udaya was incredible and the facilities were amazing. The hotel has the Kaveri spa in which we both had a massage there and we also booked the celebration of flowers for 45 minutes. For me, when you visit Bali you have to do two things besides visiting temples, buying bamboo bags and eating Indonesian food. The first one is to have a flower bath. When I see a bathtub full of flowers I know that it’s in Bali! The second thing I had to do is in the next paragraph so keep reading!

We stayed in the pool villa which was out of this world. I will show you a couple of photos but my photos do not do justice to the actual beauty of the room. Full of plants, with a bathtub that had our pool for a view. Such a tropical vibe! If you are staying in Ubud we would totally recommend this hotel. We can also tell you that even the standard room was not “standard”. It still felt like heaven so if you’re going there thinking about your budget, stay in the standard room and you will not be disappointed. And I know what I’m talking about because we stayed for a night in one of those rooms too since the pool villas were fully booked. The reason I wanted the pool villa was to have a floating breakfast. I mean did you actually go to Bali if you haven’t had a floating breakfast?

We absolutely fell in love with this hotel. We had the best time there. I even made a blog post at this hotel, sitting on my pool bed, drinking something refreshing and so tropical (I can’t remember the name of it), with my feet in my pool! Ahh that’s the life!

So anyways, I’ll stop writing now and I’ll let you enjoy the photos!

Love Lucy xx


Find the link for the hotel’s website here.

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