Marhaban, my darlings!

In a previous post, I mentioned that the thing that I loved the most about Marrakech was the souks. In those red little streets you could find anything from spices to shoes. And every time we wanted to buy something we had so much fun because we had to bargain! I wasn’t good at it but my husband was so surprisingly talented! A local guy there actually asked me how many camels I wanted to leave him there with him! He explained that if Louis stayed there with him, he could have a big house in Marrakech! We laughed so hard!

Anyway, at the souks we had so much fun. I wanted to buy everything! I actually ended up buying more things than any other trip we’ve been. Everything was so cheap. I got a silver tea pot, a leather bag, a straw hat, spices, moroccan tea, traditional ceramic bowls for our home, moroccan oil, and two pairs of shoes. The shoes were from the nicest man ever!

In this post, I am wearing a top and skirt from Mango, a pair of Toni Pon espadrilles, a round bag from Amazon and the straw had hat I bough on the same day. In the photos you’ll see how the souks of Marrakech look like and I dare you not to fall in love with these streets.

Love, Lucy xxx


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