These past two weeks I spent every day in my car driving all around Nicosia or Larnaca. I went from appointment to appointment sorting out the little details we have left for the wedding. And I know that the same schedule will continue until the last few days before the wedding. It is fun and there are some appointments that I can’t wait to go to but it’s also very exhausting.
On Saturday I woke up with nothing to do so we decided to go for a coffee in the city. I’m sure the rest of the island headed to the beach but I needed to buy something so we went to Nicosia. We actually had a really good time. Despite the heat (39C ) we really enjoyed just walking and having nothing to do!

Zara dress
Fall2016 dress
Zara Slip Dress
Velvet Dress
Velvet Dress
Zara Gold Dress

For my walk I chose to wear a velvet slip dress from Zara with a white t-shirt for a more casual look and my Adidas! I’m also holding my white leather Longchamp bag which I bought years ago but I still love it!

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