Tulum Foodie Guide

Hola my darlings! This post is going to be one of Fashion in Suitcases’ guide posts. Because of the previous posts about Tulum, I am not going to give you advise on where you should stay or where to hang out. You can pretty much guess my suggestions from my stories. Instead, I am going to tell you where to eat. That sounds bossy so let me rephrase it! I



Hola chicas! If you've seen photos or read articles about Tulum, I'm sure you noticed that it has an eco-chic vibe. Well in this post, I am going to show you a place that is the definition of "Tulum". This place is Hotel Nomade. Nomade has everything you expect a hotel in Tulum to have. Bohemian themed (as almost everything in this little town), in the jungle but it kind of



Hola chicas! During these Mexico posts, I am aiming to show you different things you must do whilst there. Besides swimming in the Caribbean and visiting the Tulum Ruins (find post HERE) there is another thing that you absolutely can't miss. That is visiting a cenote. Cenotes are natural pits, or sinkholes, resulting from the collapse of limestone bedrock that exposes groundwater underneath (Wikipedia).  So during our stay, we visited one



Hola my darlings! This post is one of my favorite ones from Tulum. I couldn't wait to share it with you and it was hard to choose photos because I wanted to post them all. I wore a dress that I was in love with since I first saw it. It was a gorgeous terracotta Somedays Lovin dress from Asos. This gorgeous (I repeat) dress had a bohemian vibe to it


Ruins with a bike

Hola chicas!!! The day I'm going to describe in this post, started as a really depressing one but we ended up having so much fun. It was our first morning in Tulum and I had a whole program for us. We woke up in our gorgeous treehouse (find the post HERE) and took photos of the magical sunrise. After our photo shoot, we started preparing everything we needed for a day

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