Zurich for a day

Hello, my darlings, I guess you have read our latest post about Alsace right? Well, in that post, I haven't mentioned that to get there, we got the FlixBus from Zurich. It took us almost three hours to reach our destination, but I'm really glad we did that because we go to see this beautiful city for a few more hours than the last time we went! Instead of an



Hi, my darlings! Second post about Zurich (you can find the first one HERE )! Now we are leaving the streets and going back to our hotel. The most wonderful hotel I've ever stayed, Hotel Storchen. If I start complimenting this place I will continue forever. It was gorgeous, every corner of it was beautiful. It looked like a romantically chic hotel. You could find white flowers everywhere which really brightened up the


Zurich for an afternoon

Hi, my darlings! I wrote as a title "Zurich for a day" when it was actually Zurich for just an afternoon. Zurich was a long stop for another trip. It was an 18 hour stop so I planned a whole day there for us. In the end, our flight got delayed plus they made a mistake with our suitcases and they couldn't find them. So we lost many hours of our day

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