Sri Lanka Guide

Hello my darlings! Let me start this post by admitting that we made a mistake with our trip to Sri Lanka. So I will begin this Sri Lanka Guide by telling you what that mistake is, so you will avoid making the same one if you are heading to this beautiful country. The mistake Sri Lanka has so many gorgeous places for you to see. So much green, so much



Hi my darlings! I am so excited today to be sharing our last blog post from Sri Lanka! And it's about maybe my favourite little town in Sri Lanka called Galle. Actually, this is not the last post if you count the "Guide" post that's coming after this one! I've already started preparing our next destination's photos and I feel soo excited! Back to our subject. Galle was my favourite


Train Track

Hello my darlings! The photos I will be sharing with you in this post, are some of my favourites from this whole Sri Lanka trip. Before visiting this country everyone who has already been there, was telling us how gorgeous the place is. I searched a lot on instagram and on other blogs so I knew where to go, what to visit, what to see. And to me, Sri Lanka



Hello, my darlings! I just realized! In my previous travel posts, I used to start with the greeting that is used in the country I was writing about (for example this post from Mexico). I didn't do that with Sri Lanka. I don't even know how they say "Hello" there because we only used "hello". Anyways, back to our subject. In this post, I'll write about one of the most


Safari in Sri Lanka

Hi, my darlings! I told you how I wanted to visit Sri Lanka to take that amazing train ride on the Blue Train right? There was a second reason to visit Ceylon. We wanted to go on a Safari in Sri Lanka. Did you know that Sri Lanka has the best safaris outside Africa? As soon as we booked our tickets to this gorgeous island, we started researching for national

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