Hola chicas! So, in this post, I'll be sharing a day trip we had in a small town called Valladolid. Valladolid is a cute little place in Yucatan that was on my "to do" list when in Mexico. It has a local vibe and it was almost tourist-free the evening we visited it. That day, was the most exhausting one we ever had.  We were going sightseeing outside of Tulum


Las Coloradas

Hola, chicas! With this post, I am going to share with you one of my most amazing experiences. This was the day that I actually overcame my limits. I've done two things that I would never (EVER) do in other circumstances. All these, because I wanted to see Las Coloradas. Las Coloradas is a place in Rio Lagartos. Rio Lagartos is a town in Yucatan, 3 hours from Tulum. OMG! I


Happy 2018!

Hola, my darlings! Happy New Year! Happy 2018! 2017 was amazing with lots of new experiences and adventures. The biggest one was me getting on a 12hour flight! So proud of me, haha! I honestly can't wait for this year's adventures. With that trip to Mexico, I proved to my self that I can actually see the places I want to see. Travel to countries outside of Europe and meet



Hola my darlings! This post is one of my favorite ones from Tulum. I couldn't wait to share it with you and it was hard to choose photos because I wanted to post them all. I wore a dress that I was in love with since I first saw it. It was a gorgeous terracotta Somedays Lovin dress from Asos. This gorgeous (I repeat) dress had a bohemian vibe to it


Ruins with a bike

Hola chicas!!! The day I'm going to describe in this post, started as a really depressing one but we ended up having so much fun. It was our first morning in Tulum and I had a whole program for us. We woke up in our gorgeous treehouse (find the post HERE) and took photos of the magical sunrise. After our photo shoot, we started preparing everything we needed for a day

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