Positano Vintage Dream

Ciao, my darlings, In today's post, I will share one of the most beautiful experiences we had during our trip to Italy. It was a ride around Positano with the cutest little Fiat 500 from Positano Vintage dream. Can you think of a better way to explore the Amalfi Coast? The place we believe is the most picturesque place in Italy? When we think of Italy our mind usually


Positano Views

Ciao, my darlings, It has been a while since I've done this but we are finally back with a travel post! And as you can guess from the greeting and the title, the trip was in lovely Italy, and to be more specific, the beautiful Amalfi Coast. This was our first trip since our UAE trip which happened a week before our country got into its first lockdown back in


Duomo Rooftop

Ciao, my darlings! In this post, I'm going to share with you an experience I wanted to have since my previous time in Milan. Two years ago when we visited Milan, I wanted to climb the Duomo rooftop. Because of the extremely little time we had in the city though, I wasn't able to do that. The line for the Duomo Rooftop was always really long and we only had like


Follow me to Lake Como

Ciao, my darlings, This is one of my favorite posts so far and I'm so happy I'm sharing it with you. During our stay in Milan, we decided to take a trip to Lake Como. This place was beautiful. It kind of reminded me of Cinque Terre but with a more romantic vibe. We took the train from Milan to Como and then drove for 40 minutes to Bellagio. We


Summer Obsession!

 Here's the Australian shoe brand that I'm sure you'll be obsessed with, this summer. They've popped up on my computer with an article in Vogue and I immediately fell in love with them. Hobes is an Australian Shoe brand created by Georgia Hobart in 2010. "Back then, if you wanted a flat, closed-toe shoe, you basically had to wear sneakers or ballets. There wasn't really anything in between" she said. A pair of

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