Sunset Cruise!

 In a previous post I've posted photos of Santorini's magical sunset. Well we were lucky to have enjoyed it from both land and sea. We booked a five-hour semi-private sunset cruise with food included and unlimited drinks! It was the perfect ending to our mini honeymoon. We went to the volcano, the red beach and had our lunch/dinner at white beach. And then we enjoyed this breath-taking sight with the


Oia’s Sunset!

 Santorini and more specific Oia is well known for her magical sunsets. You see it in photos but nothing compares with seeing it with your own eyes. No camera can capture 100% that sight. From five o'clock people start to gather in Oia trying to find the perfect spot. Every restaurant with sunset view is fully booked. And until half past six you can't walk the little streets without being


Colour on a white island!

 Before traveling to Santorini, everyone was telling us that we are going there and just walk around and admire the beauty of the island. They told us we wouldn't need more than 3 days and I wouldn't go there for shopping because all you can find are those little souvenir shops. Well, they were wrong! Oia is full of little stores with clothes made by Greek or Italian designers. Everything


Santorini Baby!

 Time for our "mini honeymoon"!! After the wedding we went to Santorini for a "mini honeymoon"! Just a few days to relax after all that wedding stress. Even though I'm from Cyprus, I've never been to Greece before. I must be the only one! Most Cypriots go to Greece (mostly Athens) at least once a year. Even my grandparents go every summer. Now I can tell that I went too!


Summer Mode: ON

This post is actually about Skiathos, a Greek island through the eyes of my brother and his girlfriend. After their uni exams they needed a break so they booked a trip to Skiathos. An island famous for its beautiful beaches. But because one picture is worth a thousand words I better show you than talk! Pic #1: Kolios Beach Pic #2: Kolios Beach Pic #3: Vromolimnos Beach Pic #4: Troullos

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