Here’s the Australian shoe brand that I’m sure you’ll be obsessed with, this summer. They’ve popped up on my computer with an article in Vogue and I immediately fell in love with them. Hobes is an Australian Shoe brand created by Georgia Hobart in 2010. “Back then, if you wanted a flat, closed-toe shoe, you basically had to wear sneakers or ballets. There wasn’t really anything in between” she said. A pair of suede shoes from a trip through Italy when she was 18, became her inspiration to create her own shoe line.

Hobe boat shoes are actually a more girly edition of oxfords. You can find them in different colours and different styles like boats, metallics, wooly and originals.

nude boat hobes
Classic Gold hobes
Navy stripe hobes
Copper hobes
silver hobes
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For the Vogue article click here

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