Hello, my darlings!

It is Monday again and by now you know that it’s the day we share the street style we loved the most during the week. In our previous Street Monday (find the post here) I mentioned my thoughts of sharing also men’s styles in this theme and not only women. Well, I think I will give it a try and see how it goes. And the easiest way to start this is by sharing my brother’s style. A guy that cares a lot about the way he looks and loves to shop for himself. Actually, lately he spends a lot of money on clothes and shoes! So this week we are sharing Stelios’ street style.

So, in this week’s Street Monday, Stelios is wearing a pair of black Illusion London jeans and a Love Generation top. For outer he chose to wear a Sinners Attire denim jacket that I absolutely love (and most probably borrow a lot) and he tied a burgundy checked shirt from Zara around his waist that gives that extra styling point to the whole look. His shoes are Pepe Jeans and he is wearing Adidas socks.

Well, I hope you will enjoy our first Men’s Street Monday and stay tuned at #fashioninsuitcases!

Love, Lucy


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