So my camera and I, went out into the streets again and thank God I found a friend of mine with a really nice outfit to photograph. I’m saying ”thank God” because I’m not the most outgoing person so it’s not easy for me to ask people on the street to take their photo. You don’t know how many stylish women I saw this week and I didn’t have the courage to ask them. I will get used to it eventually because I really like this “street Monday” project. Until then? Thank God I saw Lambriana!
What I love the most from Lambriana’s outfit is her bag. That black bag with the embroidery detail. I fell in love with it. That gorgeous bag automatically upgraded her outfit!
street style
Fashion in Suitcases
Street Monday
Chrystall Boutique
Lambriana is wearing Zara shirt, wedge-sneaker shoes from Sax, jeans & bag from Chrystall boutique, Casio watch and RayBan sunglasses.


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