For days now, I wanted to make a post about looks that I find really inspiring for my everyday looks from my favourite fashion bloggers. I love their style and I actually wait for them to share their next outfit (mostly on Instagram)! I’m obsessed with Instagram!
Anyway I try to share 2-3 posts a week and I didn’t want to make them all or 2 of them about street style. So I’ve decided, since I’m already talking about style inspiration, I’ll post it at Street Monday!
Collage VintageSong of Style
Lovely Pepa
Margo & Me

Blogger’s Pictures:
1. Collage Vintage
2. Song Of Style (finally ordered her book!!!!)
3. Collage Vintage (twice because she is awesome!!!)
4. Lovely Pepa (my style)
5. Margo & Me (this blogger was also my bridal inspiration!)

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