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Second post about Zurich (you can find the first one HERE )! Now we are leaving the streets and going back to our hotel. The most wonderful hotel I’ve ever stayed, Hotel Storchen. If I start complimenting this place I will continue forever. It was gorgeous, every corner of it was beautiful. It looked like a romantically chic hotel. You could find white flowers everywhere which really brightened up the place.

But I think what really made us fall in love with Hotel Storchen, was its staff. It had the best service we’ve ever experienced. Everyone was so helpful and so polite. They made you feel so special, something every guest should feel in any hotel. They upgraded our room and we had the most amazing view of the Limmat river. Like that wasn’t enough, they had a chocolate and fruits platter with a bottle of champagne waiting for us. We were returning from a 12-hour flight with a bit of depression since our honeymoon was almost over, and this hotel made us feel like it was only the first day of our honeymoon. They couldn’t have treated us more beautifully!




P.S: You can see the details of the outfit in the previous post since the photos were taken on the same afternoon.

P.S. 2.: The reason I am posting the first photo although it’s similar to the photos from the previous post, is because in this one I am pointing at hotel Storchen!



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