Hello my darlings,

It’s been a while since I wrote something in here. To be honest I lost any interest in this since this whole Staying Home started! Covid 19 turned our lives upside down and while I have been fortunate not to lose anyone I love from this pandemic, our travel plans and our brand got seriously affected. We cancelled our plans for a trip to Thailand last Easter and three of our collaborations got postponed. It has been more than a year now since our last trip to the UAE and God knows when that will happen again. We were planning on going to Bali this May with my family for my birthday but again that is out of the window!

I could sit here and complain for hours about our cancelled trips and plans. Instead I will share with you what we will remember from this past year. For us, when we talk about quarantine what comes to mind is baking bread and eating pancakes at 2am. Sending a message to get out of the apartment and having a curfew at 9 o’ clock. Spending a months salary at IKEA redecorating our apartment and buying too many plants. We spent Easter on our balconies without our families, and we participated in a million challenges on instagram! Oh yeah, and my birthday! I had a quarantined birthday with just my hubby!

Today, I will share a few photos that remind me of this historical period we have all been and are still going through. So this will be more like a “dear diary” post from this “staying home” experience.

Love, Lucy xxx


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