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Let me start this post by admitting that we made a mistake with our trip to Sri Lanka. So I will begin this Sri Lanka Guide by telling you what that mistake is, so you will avoid making the same one if you are heading to this beautiful country.

The mistake

Sri Lanka has so many gorgeous places for you to see. So much green, so much nature, so much culture, so many beaches. Before going, I knew I wanted to visit Sri Dalada in Kandy, I wanted to see Sigiriya, I wanted to pick up tea leaves in Nuwara Eliya, we wanted to take the blue train to Ella and while in Ella, visit the Nine Arch Bridge. Louis wanted to go on a safari at Yala National Park and I wanted to see the curved palm tree in Unawatuna beach and Galle Fort.

Well, we didn’t get to do almost half of those things because we only had eight days and Sri Lanka is really big. We had to spend four and five hours a day in a car driving us from one place to another. But the most exhausting part was that during our eight nights there, we switched six different hotels. We only had a day in each town which was enough for us in Ella or Nuwara Eliya but you see I didn’t get to pick up tea leaves because it was raining! So, If I had one more day I’d probably get to do that and cross it off my bucket list.

Because of that

We didn’t get to see Sigiriya and that’s a huge reason for us to go back to Sri Lanka. Although we’ve been on a safari in Yala National Park, I would like to stay there for more days. I loved being in the middle of nature and if I had two more days there we would have gone on a morning safari too. We only took the afternoon one but I guess we would have seen different animals at six o’clock in the morning.

The same thing goes for our days at the beach. Have I told you that I have an obsession for palm trees? Well, there is this beach near the Amanwella hotel that I would love to go and I didn’t get to. So if you are planning a trip to Sri Lanka and want to see and do all these things that we wanted to see and do, stay there for at least three weeks.


Now, since it is a Sri Lanka Guide, let’s talk about the things we actually did get to see and do, and we loved.

  1. When in Kandy, stay at the Radh hotel. This hotel was right in the middle of the buzz but felt secluded once you got inside. It was clean, felt luxurious, 5 minute walk to Sri Dalada and served an amazing breakfast.it was the first time in our lives that we had curry for breakfast!
  2. From Kandy take the blue train to Ella. The scenery was breathtaking! We got off the train at Nuwara Eliya and the next morning we continued our ride with the same train to Ella. During our ride from Nuwara Eliya to Ella, it was raining which made the scenery even more dramatic. We didn’t get to take any photos hanging outside the doors on that morning but what we saw through the windows was amazing. Mother nature at its best.
  3. When in Ella, have dinner at Cafe Chill. Such a boho vibe! You have to take off your shoes to get inside which made it even more special for us. And the food was amazing! Totally recommend!
  4. I have already mentioned this in our previous post but it deserves another shoutout! Cafe Punto in Galle. OMG! How often do tourists sitting in a restaurant tell you to get inside and stop looking for another place to have lunch? Well, this is what happened to us at cafe Punto. The food was out of this world and I’m talking about a super sweet, small little family-owned restaurant. The wife cooks the food and her son served it to us. it felt like home. Do not leave Galle without eating there!

So that’s our Sri Lanka Guide! Not that many pictures since you get to see what we’ve done in our previous posts. We mainly wanted to share this post so you wouldn’t make the same mistake we did.

Love Lucy xx

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