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The day I’m going to describe in this post, started as a really depressing one but we ended up having so much fun. It was our first morning in Tulum and I had a whole program for us. We woke up in our gorgeous treehouse (find the post HERE) and took photos of the magical sunrise.

After our photo shoot, we started preparing everything we needed for a day at the Ruins with our bikes (you have to rent bikes while in Tulum). But it started pouring! Not raining, there was an actual storm! Our first day in paradise and the weather was terrible. So we went for breakfast and a hotel lady started talking to us. We shared our disappointment and her answer was “Well this is the jungle, this weather can go on for days and it shouldn’t stop you from doing what you have planned”. This lady used to work at the Ruins ticket office and she said that the weather never stopped the tourists from visiting them. So we took her advice and actually had so much fun!

The Mayan Ruins archeological sight was an amazing place. The fact that you could see so much history next to the most gorgeous beach I’ve ever seen, was out of this world. The sight was breathtaking. And the lady from our hotel was right, there were a lot of people there. We couldn’t swim in it though, because of the weather the path to the beach was closed that day. But we sure made up for it two days after so in the post you’ll find photos from both bad and nice weather and photos with two different dresses.

After the history lesson, we felt like we were on a roll! We rented bikes from Coco Tulum and started exploring our area. This was not fun (for me)! I kept being afraid of losing my balance because of the passing cars so I kept losing my balance! My husband was laughing so hard. I gave up after an hour. I prefer walking than cycling!





Wearing: Free People dress and sandals, Marysia Swim bikini,  Amazon round straw bag, Boohoo embroidered dress, Reclaimed Vintage straw backpack


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