Hello, my darlings!

The previous post was the last one that was actually taken in Bali. As you can see from the title, we have moved twenty minutes southeast Bali arriving at Nusa Penida. An island that is known for its gorgeous beaches. And with that One beach that is a little more famous than the others because of its dinosaur shape. We had so much fun exploring this island, that it is on our Bali Guide as one of the “must-do’s” when you visit Bali. We will share our Nusa Penida experience in two posts and here is the first one. This post will be about the Nusa Penida Beaches we visited.

I would like to mention that during our trip to this beautiful island we felt that two things could have gone better. I am sharing this with you so you wouldn’t make the same mistakes. The first one is to BRING CASH! There are like three ATM machines in the whole island and none of them worked for our international cards. Our second advise would be to book two or three nights here so you’ll have time to explore as many beaches as possible! If we had more time we would have also visited Diamond beach and would have arranged a trip to swim with the manta rays! We only booked a night in Nusa Penida and we actually had only one full day exploring. We visited the Broken Beach and of course the Kelingking Beach. Oh, you see so many photos on Instagram of the Kelingking beach but once you get there, it still takes your breath away. Besides having beautiful golden sand, Kelingking beach has a rock formation that looks like a dinosaur. And it does! It looks like T-Rex! Can’t you see it too in the photos below?

Anyways, hope you’ll enjoy our Nusa Penida Beaches post!

Love Lucy xx


P.S. We wanted to fly our drone but it was super windy. Hence the messy hair in EVERY SINGLE photo!

P.S. 2: Can you spot the manta rays?

P.S. 3: I know that Louis is in the last photo but I still love that photo so I shared it anyway!

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