Hola chicas!

If you’ve seen photos or read articles about Tulum, I’m sure you noticed that it has an eco-chic vibe. Well in this post, I am going to show you a place that is the definition of “Tulum”. This place is Hotel Nomade. Nomade has everything you expect a hotel in Tulum to have. Bohemian themed (as almost everything in this little town), in the jungle but it kind of gives you the feeling of luxury. The best part of it though was its cute little pathways that led to a gorgeous white sandy beach.

For this post, I chose to wear a khaki dress made by a designer that I very much admire: Rita Attala. A greek designer raised in Lybia. Her collections go by the name “RATT” and are inspired by creative flexibility through geometric elegance, impressive details with touches of volume. I bought this dress since summer and I bought it for Tulum. I thought it captured the bohemian vibe of the place and also had that “extra” thing I’m always looking for. And of course, that “thing” I’m talking about was its ruffles.


Wearing: RATT dress, Parfois slides, headpiece & earrings

P.S. I have no idea where that little drop of water on my back came from!


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