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Today is September 3rd! On September 3rd last year I was getting married! It was my wedding day. One really busy, stressful day which ended with dancing until early morning! So a year after the wedding I am here and ready to share with you, my story. My wedding day story.

As many brides do, I was super stressful before the wedding day. I was one of those brides that had to prepare everything and make sure everything was perfect for the big day. Well, everybody kept telling me “Hopefully you are like this now and when “the” day comes you’ll be fine and enjoy your day.” That was also my hope. But nope.

The Big Day arrived

That day arrived. I woke up in the morning and started panicking. I even sent a text to my now hubby that I didn’t want anyone to come to the church. No attention. I didn’t want all those people looking at us for 45 minutes. My wish at that point was for us to get married alone! And if it was possible in a ceremony that lasted maximum 5 minutes. Of course, that was not possible. The church time was on our invitations. So my whole problem was the church. The idea of not going to the church got in my mind from the day before. The panic started the morning of the wedding.

So the wedding day program starts. I go to the hairdressers and whoever talks to me I cry. I keep shaking like a fish and everyone there kept hugging me every now and then (HAIRSPRAY has the best team). Hair and makeup: done. Time to go home. My “allamata” were going to start in an hour. “Allamata” is a small family gathering that involves traditional music and many time dancing with the center of attention being the bride or groom. Mine was not small. It was a big gathering. A really big gathering. I was in my room when everybody came so I was not aware of the situation down stairs. As soon as I walked out of my room and saw everybody I wanted to start crying again. But I made it though. My soon to be hubby passed by my house with all his family and friends. Time to go to the church.

The Incident

I must admit, seeing my soon to be husband really calmed me down. The panic started fading away and now hunger took its place.Oh, I forgot to mention. When I am this stressed I don’t eat nor drink. So I haven’t eaten for two days! ANYTHING!!! And guess what happened. I fainted in the middle of the ceremony! I told you I didn’t want to go to church! That lasted only a moment and there I was sitting on a chair feeling the worst embarrassment a bride can experience. They brought me an energy drink and the ceremony continued.

Weeks after the wedding, I have the whole video on a cd. I now see the “moment” and laugh. I even recorded it on my phone. No reason to feel embarrassed. Yes, it did make my heart bounce the first time I saw it but now I laugh at it. Every bride feels stressed on her wedding day, some maybe more than others.


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