I’ve spent the last 9 months planning a wedding. We’ve booked everything and now the little details (favors -found them but not bought them yet-, my jewelry, my something borrowed etc) are the ones that are left for us to do. I’ve been talking about the wedding a lot but now we’ve got to a planning point that my hubby-to-be enjoys as much as I do: The honeymoon! He’s always been talking about somewhere exotic with palm trees and white sand and I’ve just wanted to swim with the dolphins. So we came up with Mexico! Actually Tulum!
When I think of Tulum, I can see colors and prints and Aztec and caftans and bohemian dresses! If we ever get to go (because is a good 16hour flight journey and I’m not a planes fan) these are some of the things that I would include in my suitcase.
Shop the Ella Moss printed caftan here
Shop the Asos Bandeau playsuit here
Shop the Gat Rimon Berrya Playsuit here
Shop the Elina Linardaki sandals here
Shop the Tropicana beach towel here
Shop the glamorous cold shoulder dress here
Shop the Kiss the sky playsuit here
Shop the Glamorous festival playsuit here
Shop the Star Mela backpack here
Shop the Young Bohemians cami playsuit here


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