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As you can see from the title, this is going to be a travel-guide post of Milan. I am going to share with you my favorite places to stay, best restaurants and cutest areas to hang out. I pretty much talked about the areas in my previous posts but here you’ll find all (I believe) you need to know before visiting this amazing city. So I hope you’ll enjoy our Milan Guide and feel free to tell me your favorite places of this fashionable city.


I’ve visited Milan twice and stayed in a different area each time. I have mentioned before that both my husband and I when we go on a trip, we like to walk. We never take the metro or subway whatever it’s called. We believe that with walking the streets of a city, you really get to know the place. So, we usually stay in the most expensive neighborhoods trying to be close to everything! :p Well, on our first time in Milan, we didn’t have much time there and I wanted to stay near the most important sights. So I found Hotel La Madonnina. A hotel near Duomo and Galleria Emmanuelle. Perfect area for shopping, sight sighing, and lots of cafes and restaurants.

This time we went for Fashion Week so we stayed in the Quartilatero de la Moda in English: Fashion District. We absolutely fell in love with the area and the hotel. Cutest little streets and luxury shopping. Of course, it was a more expensive neighborhood but when I go back I will definitely stay there again and at the very same hotel. Hotel Manzoni. A classic luxury hotel that is worth paying for it.



Pizzeria Dogana: This is my favorite lasagna place in Milan. And I had my share of lasagnas. In my past life, I must have been Garfield! Anyway, Dogana is located just off the Duomo square and it’s a little restaurant that offers great service, yummy food and has reasonable prices which is rare in this city.


You have to visit Panini Durini for its sandwiches. You will not regret it. We stopped there for 10 minutes for a quick lunch so you realize that it’s not that fancy Milanese restaurant. It has a more relaxed atmosphere and served the best toasts and sandwiches.


God Save the food: You can find it in Brera area and also Navigli. When you visit this place you have to order the burger. I mean, my husband’s pizza was also delicious but my burger was out of this world. It was amazing. I think you can see that I am a foodie!


Pasticceria Marchesi: Cutest pasticceria ever. The only place I could compare it with, it’s Angelina in Paris. You can find it in several places in Milano including Galleria Vittorio Emanuele. We went to the one in via Montenapoleone because it was near our hotel. It has the best design and it’s full of little delicacies. I believe it’s one of those “must visit” places when you are in Milan. It is a bit pricey but everything was delicious.



Best areas to visit when in Milan are Brera, Navigli, the Fashion Quarter and of course Piazza del Duomo. Brera is filled with cute little streets full of architecture, fashion and little cafes, and gelaterias. Navigli is a gorgeous colorful area that has a more romantic vibe because of its canals. The Fashion Quarter or Quartilatero de la Moda is filled with luxury shops, luxury hotels, and gorgeous Italian architecture streets. I guess that architecture that I’m always talking about is from the Renaissance era. And last is the area that everyone visits when in Milan. The Duomo Square. Full of history, important sights, restaurants, and shopping.

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