Marhaban, my darlings,

Something you need to know if you are visiting Marrakech sometime during the next two years is that Ben Youssef Madrasa is closed for renovation until 2020. There is a good alternative, though. The Marrakech Museum. In this museum you can experience some amazing architecture with colourful tiles in each room. And the most beautiful part of this place is its inner courtyard. It has stained glass windows and a huge chandelier that takes your breath away. We spent most of our time in that courtyard.

When we visited this place we acted like real tourists! We couldn’t stop taking photos of every room and every wall. But as much as I loved Musee de Marrakech, I definitely want to visit Morocco again when Ben Youssef Madrasa re-opens to the public.

In the photos below I am wearing a dress from Zara, Topshop jeans and a head scarf that belongs to my mum. I am holding a gold and sky-blue bag that I bought from SOBE (a store that I absolutely love) months before my trip and I really couldn’t wait to use it.

You can find the link to shop from SOBE at the end of the post!

Love, Lucy xxx


Link to SOBE:


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