Marhaban, my darlings!

After all those posts about Morocco, it’s time for my Marrakech Guide. You have already seen where I’ve been (through the posts) but now is the time for the Must Do’s when in Marrakech. All the restaurants you should absolutely visit, all the places you should’t miss and maybe some tips for enjoying this lovely town to the most. I think I told you in a previous post that our first two days in Marrakech weren’t the best for us, so after a couple of days there you learn a thing or two about this place so, I’m about to share these things with you in this post.

I hope you find the post helpful!

Love, Lucy xxx


First of all, I would really recommend staying in a riad. Marrakech has a million of them, and they are super cute, cosy, and you feel closer to the Arabian culture when you’re there. I would recommend a night at Hotel La Mamounia too, but if that’s out of your budget you can just go there for a lunch or dinner. The riads, on the other hand, can be really cheap. The best place we stayed in Marrakech was Riad BE (find the post HERE). The location of our accommodation in Marrakech, actually defined our whole mood. Marrakech is a really difficult city, tourists get lost and 99% of the chance is that you will get lost too. Locals know that, and they WILL take advantage. So the riad we stayed in the first two days was really hard to find and the neighbourhood wasn’t our favourite so we actually couldn’t enjoy the town. Because of an incident that happened to us when we could’t find our way back there, I didn’t want to leave the room for the rest of our trip. When we switched places, (and we actually stayed like one block away) it was so much better for us.



Marrakech has a lot of gorgeous restaurants with lovely terraces and great food. Our favourite restaurant was Atay Cafe¬†(see the first photo of this post). We discovered that place the day before we left Marrakech and we actually went back there for lunch the next day, right before we left for the Agafay desert. The waiters were amazing, the view from the terrace was absolutely gorgeous and the food was to die for. Order the ravioli. Oh, the ravioli….


The other place that we would recommend, is Cafe des Epices. The food was also delicious and the view from the terrace was breathtaking. It is located in Place des Epices which we absolutely loved and in the background you could see the snowy Atlas Mountains. That for me was amazing.



Ben Youssef Madrasa was closed for renovation so I’m sure if it was open I would recommend it (from what I see on instagram!). Well, that was a bummer. But a really good alternative was Marrakech Museum. I won’t say much cause I already have a post about it.Anyway, I think you should definitely visit this museum even after 2020 ( Ben Youssef Madrasa is reopening in 2020).


Another must do when in Marrakech is Jardin de Majorelle and the YSL Museum. God, that was a great day! I usually get bored really quick when we visit gardens, but I actually could’t leave from Majorelle. And the museum? Even Louis enjoyed it!


Must Do

GET LOST! Yes, this is a MUST! It’s the way you’ll actually see Marrakech. Wander the red little allies. If you know that you’re in a safe neighbourhood, there is nothing wrong with following your own instinct to see where it leads you! I’m telling you, you will find the cutest little stores and the most amazing souks.

Oh the SOUKS! That is another must when in Morocco. I fell in love with them! I could wander there for hours. You can find the best stuff in there! Spices, shoes, teapots, lamps, leather goods, straw bags and hats etc! And then? You bargain!

BARGAIN! Locals actually expect you to do that. They say a price and they expect a lower one from you. And that can be a continuous conversation for the next 10 minutes until you come to an agreement. We got a leather bag 60% off the first price the guy offered us. That was funny because we didn’t have enough cash on us and we had to go back to our riad to get more. The guy there didn’t believe us so he kept dropping the price! Finally he believed us in the end and saved the bag for us until we came back and bought it!



P.S. Tip from Louis: WiFi is super weak there so download an offline map of Marrakech to help you find your way back!

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