Hello, my darlings!

I’ve been away from my computer for almost a month but I’m coming back with something new. I had this idea in my head for a while now about making one post a week that has a theme. It will be a fashion post but it will have an extra “thing” or “factor” in the photos that will make the post more girly or playful. For example, this week’s special “thing” will be a jumping castle! The most difficult part about this weekly post was its title. I couldn’t decide a title that would be playful, girly and yet be related to all these different “things” I want to include each week. So I thought to myself that the thing that all these special factors have in common is that if you put them all together they make a playful, childish but magical world. They make my world. So I came out with Lucy Land.

So yesterday, we went to a baby’s birthday party and there was a jumping castle there. A really cute pink and blue jumping castle with a slide on its side. Of course, I wanted to play too! So I waited until the end of the party and got on it. I felt like a little girl! I forgot how much fun this was!

The whole background and clothes from today’s post, kind of remind me of L.A. Maybe because of Tommy Hilfiger’s Tommyland show that happened in February. Well, this was not L.A nor Tommyland but it was really fun!


WEARING: Zara “Hollywood” logo top, Zara mom jeans, TommyxGigi espadrilles and Ray Ban sunglasses

P.S I don’t remember a jumping castle being this exhausting!

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