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Hello, my darlings! Did you know that June is considered as "lavender" season? I didn't! It is the month that this herb blooms and creates gorgeous purple-y fields. I found out about this "event" in October when we visited Cyherbia for a halloween post (you can find that post HERE). The owner of the place told us that in June they have the Lavender Festival and we could take some



Hola chicas! My Mexico trip has come to an end and now be ready for many posts about this magical experience. So, I'm sure that if you saw pictures of Tulum, you must have come across to a place called "Azulik". Azulik was the most amazing place I've ever been, and I wanted to stay there since forever. It is actually a super eco-friendly hotel with little treehouses for rooms. No


Autumn Leaves

Hello, my darlings, Just like almost every other kindergarten teacher on earth, these days we are doing Autumn as a theme at school. We had rain the week that past and we started seeing the first leaves falling from the trees. So this weekend,  we decided to go to the mountains to collect some autumn leaves for the school, and we found the perfect scenery for a post. We went to Palaichori which



Hello, my darlings! After a quite a long time, I am sharing a post in LucyLand! As you can see from the title, this is a Halloween-themed post and I am super excited about it. I was lucky to get into that spooky mood which is really rare for Cyprus. We don't actually celebrate Halloween here although I believe in a couple of years we will see more events for


Parko Paliatso!

Hello, my darlings! On Sunday we went on a day trip (again) to Ayia Napa. That's the crazy part of the island! When you say "Ayia Napa" you immediately connect it with the word "party". When we visited Rome, a taxi driver asked us where we came from. He didn't know Cyprus so we said "Ayia Napa" and he replied,  "I <3 Ayia Napa"!! So you might not know Cyprus

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