For the first time in my adult life I find myself without a job. I went from one job to another and there was time that I had two jobs at the same time with no day-off. So I’m not used to this situation that I’m in right now. I must admit I haven’t had the time to think about it much cause my everyday schedule is full but I know that after the wedding I will wake up one morning with nothing to do and I won’t like it. It was my decision though. Actually the most painful decision I ever had to take. Those kids were my life. I would come home from work and not stop talking about them. I’m sure every teacher feels the same way but on holidays I actually miss them. And now that I know I’m not going back I miss them even more. And my co-workers? They were more like friends than “the girls I’m working with”. I miss them but I’m going to see them at my “blooming” wedding! That’s what they used to call it haha! But I don’t regret taking this decision (yet). I wanted to try this or else I would have never known. It was something that I always wanted. And if it doesn’t work I’ll always have my degree. That’s the downside to what I’m trying to do now. I don’t have neither Degree nor Experience. But I’m willing to work hard to make it happen. I’m going back to university. I’m going to study and someday I hope I’ll be successful.
Until then I take short online courses and read books! I’ve finished ”Love Style Life” by Garance Dore. This was the best book-choice to start with. It’s such an inspiring book. To know that a successful person like her actually began from nothing. She was broke but she worked hard and made it. You can find it here .Now I have in my hands ”The end of Fashion” by Teri Agins. I’ll tell you more about it when I finish it! :)

love style life
love style life

Pictures 2 & 3 are taken by people who’ve read the book! I saw them on Instagram, liked them and added them to the post! Picture 2 is taken by @karrie.zhu and picture 3 by @miss_read! First picture is taken by me!:)

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