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With this post, I am going to share with you one of my most amazing experiences. This was the day that I actually overcame my limits. I’ve done two things that I would never (EVER) do in other circumstances. All these, because I wanted to see Las Coloradas.

Las Coloradas is a place in Rio Lagartos. Rio Lagartos is a town in Yucatan, 3 hours from Tulum. OMG! I googled the place just now to see if I spelled it correctly and I’ve just realized that Lagartos means alligator! Oh God! If I knew that before, and some other things I’m about to share with you, I wouldn’t have gone.

Moment to be proud of #1

Anyway, this is what happened. We took a taxi from our hotel to Rio Lagartos which as I said before it was about a 3hour ride. When we got there, I knew that we were getting a boat to Las Coloradas to see the pink lakes. The boat that I had in mind was not luxurious, but with all the amenities a person needs. Kind of like a catamaran or a little cruise boat. Well after a 3hour drive (I repeat!) we got to this little sleepy village and the boat that was waiting for us was the smallest fishing boat. And it was for a lake/river tour that had crocodiles at some point. I didn’t want to get on it. It was an hour boat ride to the pink lakes. I thought it was a joke! 6 hours without a toilet? That was my main problem! When I told the boatman that, he pointed at the lake and told me “No, no! Don’t worry! Shallow! Shallow!” I started laughing. Was he serious??? But I got on the boat! Moment to be proud of #1.

Moment to be proud of #2

So we got on that fishing boat and I told the boat guy “go straight to the lakes! I don’t want to see any crocodiles!” He said “ok” and we headed to Las Coloradas. And on our way guess what happened! A crocodile was swimming next to us! I started screaming! Louis (my husband) was trying to take photos of it and I started praying not to eat us! So this was my thought: The water was green and shallow (he said) and there were crocodiles in it and he wanted me to get off the boat, into the river and pee in it if I needed to go????? And he was NOT kidding! Also, if it was that shallow, couldn’t a crocodile push our teeny tiny boat and eat us?? And why were there crocodiles free like that? I thought that the boat guy would take us to a small protected area where I would see the crocodiles from a distance. I absolutely did NOT know that there were going to be crocodiles in the lake with our boat! And after all these, I’m still alive! Moment to be proud of #2.

The lakes

By the way, the pink lakes were beautiful! There is something with the salt that makes them look pink. It looked amazing! You could spot pink flamingos in it and there was a little bird that kept running (not flying) next to the lakes! We took some photos and left because our boat guy pointed out to us that there was a storm coming so it would be better to leave the river before the storm. When we started heading back we noticed that even the stormy clouds over the lakes looked pink. It was absolutely breathtaking and definitely once in a lifetime experience. By the time we got back we saw other 3 crocodiles.


Wearing: Free People dress, Marysia swim bikini

P.S. The taxi cost us 1200 pesos for a round trip and waiting time, and the boat ride was also another 1200 pesos

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