Hello, my loves!

In this article, I’m aiming to show you three different ways to style a lace skirt.

Lace skirt!

For that, I used my favorite Topshop lace skirt. A lace paneled pencil skirt that stole my heart since I first saw it. BTW everything that I used to pair my skirt with, is also from Topshop (t-shirt, knit and blouse).

The T-shirt

Firstly you can see the white playful t-shirt and a pair of sneakers. I’m saying “playful” because it has that cool Toy Story dinosaur on it. I have something with dinosaurs! I guess it reminds me of the kids at the school I used to work.


The knit

Lace skirt and a knit and my favorite shoes to complete the look. I fell in love with that Topshop knit. The blue color of it and that fabric made it so warm and cozy.


The bell sleeved blouse

I love that blouse. It kind of looks like a Zara blouse I wore in a previous post but I fell in love with the texture of it so I had to take it! So for a more formal situation, I suggest a bell sleeved blouse.



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