So 2015 is officially over and 2016 is here! Wishing everybody this year to be even “beautifuller” than the year before. More joy, laughter and great moments to remember.
For my first post for 2016, I would love to share my favorite moments from 2015. As hard it is to believe, most of them are from my trip to Italy! :)  So.. Enjoy!!!

Moment #10
At my summer holidays, I’ve crossed a few things off my bucket list! One of those was traveling somewhere with a train! I know it might seem something “not that big a deal” to many of you but we don’t have trains where I live! We only use buses and cars to move around and to be honest I never use the bus since I got a car. So traveling from Milan to Cinque Terre by train was a big thing for me!

Moment #9
Crossing Milan off my bucket list. One of the most fashionable cities in the world with a spectacular monument in the center of it, the Duomo.

Moment #8
I saw and fed a giraffe! I still want to visit the giraffe manor in Kenya but this was as close as I could get in Cyprus!
Moment #7
Met an upcoming designer! We were at a small restaurant at Monterosso Al Mare when a young man at the table next to us told us that the food we were having was traditional at Cinque Terre. We started having a conversation about our lives and he told us that he now lives in Milan trying to make a career as a fashion designer! He is actually living THE dream! He is going to present his first collection at Milan Fashion Week in February! I wish him all the best! And when he becomes famous I can say to people that “on my trip to Cinque Terre I met Giuseppe Buccinna”.
Moment #6
Visiting Portofino. The harbor, the boats, the restaurants, the shops everything was there, in such a small but posh area.
Moment #5
I rode a camel! Ok, it wasn’t at a desert in Dubai but it was still a great moment! I wanted to ride the camel alone but when I saw them I realized it was quite tall so I asked my fiancee to get on a camel named “Paris” with me!!!
Moment #4
I went hiking through the Cinque Terre! It was exhausting and way harder than we thought but we made it! So moment number 4 is the moment I saw Vernazza from the trail!
Moment #3
Continuing the countdown of my most wonderful moments of 2015, moment #3 is shooting for My Ladida. It was a dream come true for me because a store that I love, actually asked me to do a shooting for them. Something more of an honor for me than something I had to do. It was one of my best moments ever!
Moment #2
This picture captures the moment that I first saw Cinque Terre. Aww, the colors, the people, the weather, the beautifully romantic atmosphere… But the colors… Aww, the colors. Such a magical place! I fell in love with it straight away!
Moment #1
This moment is the most special of my life (after the proposal)! After seven years together we finally decided to tie the knot! I’m getting married!!! On September! Can’t wait! We’ve found the place, the church, we’ve booked the flowers, the Dj, the car and we’ve bought our wedding rings! But the best moment of my whole life, the only one of my best moments that I didn’t have my fiancee, my best friend and love of my life to share it with, because the groom is not supposed to see the dress before the wedding and I really want to see his face at the altar, is the day I went wedding dress shopping. I took my two bridesmaids with me, two of my closest friends, my mum, and my brother. We went to Pronovias Barcelona. I tried three dresses. And the third one when the lady that was helping me showed it to me I said: “nope, this is not going to suit me”. She insisted on trying it on so I said ok. And she was right. I ended up buying dress number 3! I fell in love with it! We are making some alterations to be more “Lucy” but they ordered it and it’s coming just for me!!!!! Although I didn’t cry, I had the biggest smile on my face! My mother said I never looked that happy in my whole life! So this is moment #1. The best moment of my life. Oh yeah! After the proposal!

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