Almost everyone has that one place that they say “Oh I wish I could stay here forever, I wish I lived here”. Well, that wish-place would be Paris. I’ve been to Paris three times and after the last one, I said that that’s the place I want to live. The last time we went there it was off holiday season so I actually could see more than just tourists. I saw people going to work in the morning and people hanging out at night outside the Louvre with music and a couple of beers. Since then, number two on my bucket list has been “Live in Paris”. It’s not only about the “fashion” factor. I love their culture and their so effortlessly chic attitude. And my experience with the Parisian people has been the best.

I would describe their character as kind and friendly. And I’ll tell you why:


We had just landed at Charles de Gaulle and couldn’t find the correct bus stop for our ride from the airport to our hotel. A Parisian lady who did not speak English made the effort to listen to us and with sign language told us to follow her. She spent 15 minutes trying to help us found directions from another Parisian person and made us follow her to the bus stop. We thanked her and she left.


The cab driver from Disneyland to Paris was the best! We talked and laughed for an hour!


We were looking for a store in the middle of Paris and couldn’t find it so we decided to ask a lady outside a store who was having a cigarette break. She told us that she hadn’t heard of the store before but she actually google-mapped (hey!! I made up a word!) it so she could tell us.

So for us Parisians were best so far!

Anyway, today I got dressed just to go for a coffee and I looked myself in the mirror and thought “This is what I would like to wear when I live in Paris!” It’s actually a too simple look but I guess that’s what made it feel Parisian.


Wearing: Topshop black jeans, H&M (man) top, Zara Coat, Stradivarius ankle boots

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