Ia Orana, my darlings!

I was just about to start writing a post about our latest destination, but I realized that I have never published my FP Guide, our “must things to do” while in French Polynesia. So here it comes! All our must places to visit and activities to do if you visit this heaven on earth. As you can see from all our previous posts from this paradise, we have visited Tahiti and Moorea. I’m sure next time we go there, we will absolutely visit Bora Bora too, and maybe one or two extra islands. But I would definitely revisit Tahiti and Moorea! Especially Moorea!

This is going to be a quite different post compared to our other travel guides. I won’t describe every point as much because most of them are in the previous posts. It will be more of a three-bullet-type post. And here we go!

Visit Mo’orea!

My ultimate first and most important must-do while in French Polynesia is, of course, visiting Mo’orea. This island is without a doubt my favourite place on earth. We were debating it with Bora Bora but ended choosing Moorea for it more chill vibe rather than the luxury Bora Bora is offering. The dramatic landscape, the people, the volcano, the greenery oh everything about Moorea is perfect.


Go underwater

Even if you don’t get a boat to swim with the sharks and stingrays (which I highly recommend), you should still get your goggles and just snorkel. The world under the sea is just amazing. Sebastian was right preventing Ariel to come to the shore. Corals and all kinds of tropical fish. Definitely our favourite activity in French Polynesia, more precisely, Moorea.


Black beach

Visiting a black beach was very high on our bucket list. Well, Tahiti managed to not only cross that off our bucket list but also exceeded every expectation. That beautiful, glittery black sand had something so royal to it. So mesmerizing. Our favourite black sand beach was Taharuu beach. The lush greenery and the fine black sand made the most magical scenery.


So, these were our top 3 things to do while in French Polynesia. If you do go, be sure to spend at least two weeks there. I might have mentioned only three things that we absolutely adored there, but there are so many things to do at those islands. Waterfalls, hiking, major viewpoints. French Polynesia could never disappoint. I hope you enjoyed or FP Guide.

Maururu, Lucy xx

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