La Femme Chic

Hi, my darlings! A couple of weeks ago we visited this little boutique in Latsia and fell in love it. It's called La Femme Chic boutique (you can find the link at the end of the post) and it has so many chic clothes, shoes and accessories made by Greek designers. It includes brands like Philosophy Collection, 4 Tailors and Monaco Princess. Also you can find clothes for every occasion


Boho Love!

Hello, my darlings! In this post I'm going to talk about a habit most of us girls -including me- have. We tend to like something at the store and end up wearing it two times. I must admit, I do that a lot. When I do it, it's mostly because I picture the top, or dress, or pair of pants for a specific occasion and then it "doesn't really go


Khaki Love

Hello, my darlings! Have I ever mentioned how much I love sunsets? I probably have. If I was creating my blog today, I would name it "chasing sunsets" or something. I'm obsessed with the pink colours the sky has when the sun goes down. So here's another photo shooting taken during this magical hour of the day. And the location? I must admit is not my favourite beach in Cyprus.


Salty Sunset

Hello, my darlings! Today we visited one of the nicest locations in Cyprus for a photo shooting. It is a quite popular and touristy place especially during winter time where pink flamingos take control of this area and make it their home. Of course I am referring to Larnaca's salt lake. We've visited this place before to see the flamingos (I think I even made a post about it) but


Street Monday: Ioanna

Hello, my darlings! I wasn't sure if I should start this post with "hello" or "Hola" and when you see the photos, you will understand why. The girl that is taking over today's Street Monday, is the most artistic girl I've ever met. Her name is Ioanna and she studies architecture which I find super suitable for her to do. I mean, I just love her style! I see her

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