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In this post, I’m going to share with you an experience I wanted to have since my previous time in Milan. Two years ago when we visited Milan, I wanted to climb the Duomo rooftop. Because of the extremely little time we had in the city though, I wasn’t able to do that. The line for the Duomo Rooftop was always really long and we only had like half a day there so it wasn’t possible. So I added it to my list of things to do next time in Milan.

This was our next time in Milan! And this time we did it right! The line was still very long but we got “skip the line” tickets from the internet. It was actually quite funny walking alone next to all those people waiting. We felt like VIP’s haha! Anyway, that’s something you need to do before every trip. World known sights always have a queue and almost all of them offer “skip the line” tickets on the internet from sites like Viator. We always do that and it’s really convenient. Plus the tickets usually cost less when purchased from the web.

So we got to the rooftop and the view was amazing. It’s not just the fact that you see Milan from above. It is the combination of that view with the Duomo architecture. It was beautiful. For me is one of those “must see” things when in Milan.



Wearing: Mango linen short & coat, Zara top, Adidas

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