Hello, my darlings!

Have I told you that Spring is my favorite time of the year? I am very possitive that you will agree with me if you visit my village during this magical season. That’s because it’s full of poppies! Beautiful, delicate. red-colored poppies! Every year this time I feel so blessed waking up to this and coming back to it every afternoon. I had to make a post about this just to show you how beautiful my village is. So I chose a sunny morning, took photos, made a post and named it “Dancing with Poppies”.

With such beautiful background, I wanted to wear an outfit that didn’t take its glory away but also gave that romantic/ flirty feeling to the post. So I chose to wear a baby blue slip dress with a ditsy print from Topshop and pair it with a satin bomber jacket. To complete the look I used a pair of white Pumas. The perfect background with the most romantic dress. That’s all I needed for a perfect blog post. So my hubby took the camera and captured every moment while I was dancing in the middle of this gorgeous flower field.


Wearing: Topshop slip dress, Topshop bomber jacket, Puma sneakers

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