How should I call it? Hens night? Bachelorette party? Bridal shower? Whatever you call the night, it was just a girls night out! Girls eating good food and dancing to good music! And for my hens night/bachelorette/bridal shower I chose to wear something that made me feel like a bride-to-be! A puffy white midi skirt! It was on my birthday list and my hubby-to-be got it for me! I’ve been waiting since May to wear it! And on top I chose a slip top with lace from Mango.
To complete the hens/bachelorettes/bridals shower look, I had to have my hair and make up done. For the hair I went to Hairspray. The same talented and fun team that is doing my hair for the wedding. I loved it so much that I’m thinking of changing my hairstyle for the big day. For yesterday, Mike was the one that did my hair and I was so excited and I was feeling so good about my self when I left the place that I can’t find the words to thank him! I had my hair done on Thursday (I was going to straighten it but then..) and it lasted until yesterday night! He asked me if I wanted him to do some waves and I told him to go for it and I couldn’t be more right!!! (In the first picture below text you can see how my hair was on Thursday).
Then I had my make-up done from a very good friend of mine who I totally recommend! Her name is Lambriana Savva (find her on fb)! She recently got her diploma and already worked on TV! Thats how talented she is!

bridal shower outfit
chi chi london skirt
slip top with lace
bridal shower outfit
bridal shower night
Wearing: Chi chi London skirt, Mango top, Charles & Keith mules

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