Hello, my darlings!!!

It’s my birthday today!! I’m turning 26! So I’m making a birthday post! A post celebrating my day and showing you what my hubby gave me for my birthday! He gave me a room full of pink balloons! (This is such an Instagram moment with a #birthdaygoals! Hahaha) To be honest, I’ve been throwing him hints every once in a while that I wanted to make a post with my room full of balloons and put it in LUCY LAND and today was the best day to do this! Actually, yesterday was the best day to do this, so I could make a post about it by today. So I wore a simple white dress and let the balloons take all the credit!

In this post, I don’t want to write much more. I just want to say that I cherish the fact that he did this for me and I am so thankful to him and everyone else that made this day a little more special than any other day.


Wearing: Zara slip dress

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