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I guess you have already figured out, that the last post of each destination is always a guide. Well, our Bali series of posts it’s over so now it’s time to share our Bali Guide! By the way, I have a friend that is planning to visit Bali with her family so now that I’m writing this post, I feel that I’m talking to her! So Miss Victoria? Here’s the Bali Guide I promised you!

Where to stay

First things first! We recommend at least a week when you visit Bali and we are not regretting staying most of our days in Ubud. We fell in love with the area. It feels like staying right in the middle of nature and culture. Besides having things to do all day long and within walking distance from one to another, it’s easy to explore the whole island from Ubud and that’s a huge plus. Waterfalls, buzzy streets full of restaurants and of course the Ubud market (where you buy me a small bamboo bag for writing this post for you!).

We also visited Seminyak and spent a couple of nights there. Close to Seminyak, there’s a small fishing village Jimbaran, where you will find this gorgeous beach Pantai Tegai Wangi. At Seminyak, you’ll also find two of the most famous cafes in Bali that are totally worth visiting! Actually, no! Those two cafes are a must!

Things to do

First on our list is embracing mother nature. I am talking about chasing waterfalls and visiting rice fields. Oh, those Bali waterfalls! As I mentioned in a previous post, we absolutely fell in love with them! You can see as many as you like on Instagram but nothing compares to experiencing it in real life! There are so many of them like Git Git, Tibumana, Leke Leke, Banyumala and so many more. I could really spend another two days in Bali exploring waterfalls. And as for those rice fields, again something that Bali is full of. The most popular ones are those in Tegallalang. Truly breathtaking. If you visit early in the morning. It gets a bit touristy afterwards and kind of loses its magic. You can also find the famous Bali swing somewhere there if you’re in for a scary and expensive experience but wonderful views.

Second of all, Bali is all about its temples. You’ve watched Eat Pray Love right? Bali’s temples really make you feel that calmness, that peace you see Julia Roberts experiencing in the movie. Especially when we visited Ulun Danu Beratan. We also recommend Tirta Gangga where Lexi can feed the fishies! We wanted to visit Pura Lempuyang but couldn’t because of a local ceremony that was going on during our stay, but you should totally go. I know we will next time we are in Bali.

Our third must-do while in Bali is treating yourselves with a bit of luxury. Flower baths and floating breakfasts! I mean, did you actually visit Bali if you haven’t done these two? When you see a photo of a flower bath or a floating breakfast, you know it’s taken in Bali!

Where to eat

Being a foodie, I could not make a Bali guide without recommending places for you to eat! So I’ll start by saying that anywhere you dine in Ubud centre is a good choice. We haven’t had one meal that we didn’t enjoy! But I guess our favourite ones where Kafe, that also serves delicious vegan food, Mozzarella Restaurant n Bar for an Italian night with a view, and Pesto Cafe for amazing fried rice. Our absolutely favourite though was Nomad. The tomato pasta at Nomad was out of this world! The only place we visited twice for dinner in Ubud! And I don’t even like tomatoes!

Now those two cafes in Seminyak I was talking about before. The first one is Balibola. We had the most amazing pancake in our whole our lives! Not only super “instagrammable” but totally delicious! The waiter was sure that we weren’t going to eat all of it. Well, we proved him wrong! I showed you our photos and videos, Miss Victoria. Need I say more?! And for the rest of you guys, I have those photos and videos in my Bali highlights on Instagram! The second cafe is Kynd Community. Best burger ever! And it was vegan! We couldn’t believe it. Especially Louis. He visited the place for me but ended up loving his vegan burger. He talked about it all afternoon!


During our Bali trip, we visited this small little island called Nusa Penida. It had gorgeous dramatic sceneries and many many coconut trees! I have two posts that were taken in Nusa Penida and in the first one, I’m mentioning that we stayed there for only a night. Well, we’d recommend at least two nights because we didn’t actually get to see all the places we wanted like visiting Diamond beach.

Our driver

Last but not least, I have to include our driver’s contact information. He was the best we could have. He took us to all these places I mentioned above. You should know that taxis in Bali are really cheap and super easy to find since the streets are full of taxi drivers offering you a ride. We found Wayan Eka when we asked our hotel for a taxi on our first morning in Ubud. We ended up keeping him for the rest of our trip! So his name is Wayan Eka and his number is +62 812 3954 6370.

So, Miss Victoria and anyone of you guys that’s planning a trip to Bali, I hope you found our Bali Guide helpful! For any more info, you might need you can always DM or email me!

Love, Lucy xx

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