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Today I’m sharing some photos that we took six months ago. Six months ago when we went to Paphos for our wedding anniversary. That weekend, we visited two places that I believe are a must for everyone living or visiting our country. We went to Blue Lagoon in Akamas (you can find a post about it HERE) and to Avakas Gorge. That day September 3rd the weather was super hot and we didn’t actually plan our trip from before so we didn’t have a program. We left home in the morning for a two and a half hour ride and by the time we got to the area where the gorge was, it was already noon.  We were boiling! So if you decide to visit this place, which you should, if you haven’t already, plan this ahead and start really early.

So the whole day was exhausting but Avakas Gorge is amazing. We parked our car outside the protected zone and then we walked about 20 minutes till the gorge, I repeat under the burning sun. It must have been around 40 to 45C at that point. But the view was breathtaking.  It was worth it and I totally advise you to go.



Wearing Stradivarius top, khaki trousers and head scarf, Toni Pons espadrilles from Spain, French connection straw hat, Rayban sunglasses

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