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Hello, my darlings! I am a Cyprus based travel blogger. I've graduated UCY and I have a degree in kindergarten teaching. I love traveling and I hate planes.

Positano Vintage Dream

Ciao, my darlings, In today's post, I will share one of the most beautiful experiences we had during our trip to Italy. It was a ride around Positano with the cutest little Fiat 500 from Positano Vintage dream. Can you think of a better way to explore the Amalfi Coast? The place we believe is the most picturesque place in Italy? When we think of Italy our mind usually


Positano Views

Ciao, my darlings, It has been a while since I've done this but we are finally back with a travel post! And as you can guess from the greeting and the title, the trip was in lovely Italy, and to be more specific, the beautiful Amalfi Coast. This was our first trip since our UAE trip which happened a week before our country got into its first lockdown back in


Staying Home

Hello my darlings, It's been a while since I wrote something in here. To be honest I lost any interest in this since this whole Staying Home started! Covid 19 turned our lives upside down and while I have been fortunate not to lose anyone I love from this pandemic, our travel plans and our brand got seriously affected. We cancelled our plans for a trip to Thailand last Easter


Desert Hotel

Marhaba my darlings! After ending our Abu Dhabi series of posts, we are now sharing our one and only blog post from Dubai. We didn't have much time to explore Dubai so we decided to visit only the desert. And boy, we did not regret it. We got to stay in a desert hotel and live the ultimate Aladdin experience. Those felt like our Arabian nights. The hotel was like


Qasr Al Watan

Marhaba my darlings! This is going to be our last post from our Abu Dhabi blog post series. And I kind of saved the best for last. I know the absolut "must-see" when in Abu Dhabi is the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque, and I do stand behind this opinion, but the place I am writing about today was our favourite Abu Dhabi tourist attraction. And I am talking about the

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