Hello, my darlings,

This post was supposed to be about my Mango slip top and my favorite accessories (or better the accessories that I’m attached to) but I ended up with a double denim outfit post! I have more outfit photos rather than pictures with my accessories, haha! Anyway, I am still going to say/write what I wanted to say/write in the first place.

I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but I never change the accessories around my neck or on my fingers. It is very difficult for me to find an extra ring to wear without taking off the ones that I’m already wearing. And I have the same issue with neckless’s. Because I never take these things off. Every one of them means something to me and I’m feeling too attached to take them off. Each one of them has a background and a reason to be every day with me. Not only an emotional reason, for example, the dolphin neckless represents my greatest wish! ( previous post )

In this post, the only thing I’m not wearing that I always have with me is my cross and I keep feeling that something is missing!


Wearing: Zara Jeans, Mango slip top, H&M jacket, Maria Pascual world neckless, Topshop dolphin neckless, Tommy x Gigi espadrilles, Rayban sunglasses

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